Carma Counselling was founded by Jackie Howlett/2014. As all practicing therapists start out, there is an importance for you to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Carma Counselling started in the heart of Rochford where Jackie was running alongside her day job juggling a hairdressing salon. And built up a successful 'Therapeutic Practice' where she made it to New Company' Business Awards with her approach to a genuine care to counsel clients. She has now moved forward today in sharing busy days with other colleagues, to refer you to the right therapist as we pride ourselves in getting you the right help you need.

Jackie - "I am collaborating with other colleagues, as I value the importance in those who struggle.

Like I once did, to ensure the local public facing difficulties get help effectively without the need to search, I believe in a referral system - "As the nature of sharing our inner most secrets should be dealt with in the most confidential manner! With that in mind, I can recommend the best pathway/Therapist to meet your needs with the experience best equipped to serve a guarantee quality experience"

Your first appointment will ensure the right choice of relationship you have with your therapist. This will be best well suited from an initial £10 Assessment of a 20 minute counselling assessment.... Call me now for a friendly discussion to help start the process you deserve.                    07792897966

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