Sometimes we feel our lives are out of balance. Maybe we have undue pressures or issues at work we don't seem to get through. Maybe we have family, financial, emotional or relationship issues at home. With the right professional assistance and help it is possible to find a way of dealing with theses issues and the problems become manageable

I provide a service with a caring, open-minded approach with experience & expertise in psychological well-being 

Fully Qualified counsellors & members of the BACP are here to counsel in a safe, confidential environment who are impartial & non-judgemental

Founder of Carma Counselling :-

Jackie Howlett / BACP Member, Adv.Dip.CBT


"I have also faced the overwhelming fear of turning to seek support. When uncertainty of not knowing who to turn to..... And Panic, Upset, Outbursts of Frustration has then taken over my world!

I currently today am managing a Chronic Pain Condition (Fibromyalgia) where I have gained skills to assist others in coping!

Also, from my previous life before completing my Qualifications in Counselling, I battled many conditions which can lead the mind to spiral out of control in which my passion to share my findings is now at the forefront of my regard to care for you on Your Journey ~ 

My aim is to help people understand the cause of their problems and to work with them to find ways to address and reduce the effect they are having on their lives. We also help individuals take steps to prevent the things that might create stress in their lives and to be able to recognise signs of stress in others, to be responsible for themselves and take some responsibility for their colleagues and friends too.                    07792897966

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